Show Closed

This show is now closed.


To enter the show, please pay for your entry below as per usual.

You will then need to visit the My Dogs page (check your account dropdown), and then for each dog that you have entered, click the Images button underneath that dog. You will be able to select up to 3 photos per age range (up to 5 MB), and this is what will be presented to Mr Andrew Brace to be critiqued.

The photos you upload should only include the exhibit itself, and where possible, not the handler or any other details.

Please note that exhibitors without an uploaded photo won't be eligible for judging and critiquing.

The above images are a selection of random exhibits already entered in this show. You can refresh this page to see another random selection of exhibits.

We take no responsibility for any inappropriate images, but do encourage you to report them to us if you encounter any.

There are currently 800 exhibits entered.

Sunday 5th Apr 2020
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